Hi the cake you made for Rikki is AMAZING, a real work of art and delicious too. Thanks xx

Hey Dina I cant thank u enough the cake was incredible an tasted heaven!!!!!!!! You r so so talented! Can’t wait to order from you again soon xxxx

Wanted to thank u personally!! WHAT A CAKE!!!! U r just incredible thank u thank u thank u xxxxxxx


Thank you so so much Rikki LOVED the cake !!! Really appreciate you doing it!! Love Judy xx

Upon receiving their cake i got this message…”Dina! Surpassed my expectations! Stunning!!!!”

Suzy Rosenthal

I got the biscuits in the end somewhere else and I can tell you – NO one does them like you! Iyh another time. Look after yourself and rest up well xxxx

Dina thanks so much! They were a real hit. He absolutely loved them. Says he’s keeping all the tops till next pesach! Have a good week xxxx

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